Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fiction story - Free Tickets Part 1 cont.

Shae was glad that Saturday was finally here. This meant she didn’t have to be up early and go to work. She had the whole day to do whatever she wished. She didn’t have to worry about breakfast that morning. Katie was already in the kitchen making eggs, buscuits, and had put out a bowl of fresh strawberries. Shae was still upstairs as she smelled the aroma. Still in her pjs she walked into Rose’s room. Shae hated to wake her mother.
“Sorry to wake you mom but I need to check your blood pressure and give you your meds.” Shae said sweetly.
“Mmmm, okay.” Rose wearily sat up in her bed.
Shae bought an automatic blood pressure wristband cuff that was kept by Rose’s bed. Shae put it around Rose’s wrist and pushed the button. While waiting for it to do its thing Shae went for Rose’s medicine in the drawer of the nightstand. The medicine was neatly placed inside a medicine dispenser. Shae took it out of the drawer and placed it on the night stand’s surface. At the same time she grabbed a medicine cup to put all the pills in. The blood pressure cuff was finished. She read the number and logged it in a book she also kept in the night stand drawer.
“It’s better this morning than it was last night.” Shae smiled. “I’m going to get you some water. I’ll be right back.” She did so and wasn’t gone but a few minutes. She placed the small cup of water on the surface of the night stand. Took the medicine dispenser and put Saturday morning’s pills into the medicine cup. “Here.” She handed Rose both items.
Rose took the medicine then drank them down. “What time is it?”
Shae looked at the clock on the night stand. “9 am. I think Katie is cooking breakfast. Are you going to come down or do you want breakfast in bed this morning?”
“I’ll come down thanks.”
Shae went to the closet to get Rose’s robe hanging on the inside of the door. “Here. Do you want me to wait for you?”
“Thanks and no. I can make it. I have much more energy today.” Rose smiled.
Shae smiled back and made her way down the stairs. Katie was taking the bisquits out of the oven as Shae walked into the kitchen.
“What can I do to help?” Shae offered.
“You can set the table.” Katie answered as she began buttering the bisquits.
“Sure.” Shae did as she was asked.
The table was all set when Rose made it okay to the kitchen. They all sat around the table.
“I was thinking of going to the movies tonight. Do either of you want to join me?” Katie asked.
“Not me. I’m going to the opera tonight with Brandy.” Shae stated.
“Opera? Why on earth would you want to do that?”
“What’s wrong with going to an opera?”
“I would think it would be difficult to understand it considering it’s in Italian.”
“Not all operas are in Italian.”
“So this one is in English?”
“No. But it doesn’t matter. The actors tell the story by their movements, gestures, and such.”
“I don’t know. I would be a bit frustrated not understanding what the heck they were singing.”
“Be that as it may I still intend to go. I’ve always wanted to see one; now I get to.”
“Operas are beautiful and marvelous.” Rose stated out of the blue.
“When did you see an opera?” Shae wondered how she didn’t know this about her mother.
“Oh, long, long ago before you and your father. The year before I went to college I went to Italy.”
“You’re kidding.”
“No. I know I never told you but it’s true. Even your father didn’t know.”
“Wow, you’re gonna have to spill the beans on this story.” Katie found this fact fascinating.
“There’s not that much to tell.” Rose lied.
“Like the heck there ain’t.” Katie argued. “There’s no way you could spend a whole year there and nothing happen.” She paused. “There had to be a guy….something.”
“Well, like you two I had a group of friends I hung out with. There was myself, Hiedi who is from Sweden, Dan who is from England, Franchesca who is from Rome, Bart who is from Venice, Donald who is from New York, and Vencent who is from Sicily. We all lived together in Franchesca’s big cottage that was located about 30 miles from Rome. It is a sheep farm so there was a lot of land.”
“Did you herd sheep?” Shae wondered.
“No. There were two other men who did that.” Rose answered.
“Did they live there too?”
“Not in the house with us but in an adjacent house to the right. The two houses were separated by a fence.”
“How come I never knew about this?”
“I don’t know. I guess it just got lost somewhere and was never talked about.”
“Why? Did something bad happen there or something?”
“No. At least I don’t think it did.”
So what does this have to do with anything? Well, it will be explained later.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fiction story - Free Tickets Part 1 cont.

Part 1 Continued.

Mac Abernathy is 5.10, medium build, blonde hair, and hazel eyes.

Okay so now that the introductions and crap are out of the way the story can commence. So, since Katie is an assistant manager at a movie theatre all the others get free tickets to any and every movie there is. Shae didn’t go much. She was too busy to see movies as much as the others. In fact she tired of going to the movies after the first month. It seemed mundane. Besides, it felt like she’d seen everything and only one new movie a week would open. She felt that going once a month or when there was something worthwhile to see was best. Shae spent most of her time at this night club not too far from the office. The best thing about this is she got in free. How? Well, she was their bookkeeper. When the night club, Starlight Moon, hired the firm she worked for she was the one that oversaw their finances. The manager and owner of the club is Brandy Moon. She would collect all the tax information and give them to Shae. Brandy is bisexual who currently does not have a boyfriend or girlfriend at this time. Shae thought nothing of it seeing as how she had never been with a woman before. Brandy’s dad married one of those mail order brides from Japan. Her parents haven’t been married since Brandy moved away from home. She’s 30, majored in business, and was married for one year. She has coal black hair, dark eyes, is 5.6, and slender.
Brandy has the biggest club in the city. It can house up to 3,500 people. It seems that she bought up what used to be Planet Hollywood on Broad Street. Occasionally she will book bands like Bonjovi, Black Eyed Peas, and many other big bands. She would also book many country music stars and whatever else she can get to come to play at the club. Many times Shae would get free tickets to whatever event she wanted to attend with her friends. There were times she would get tickets for her friends where she wouldn’t attend. It’s not hard to tell that Brandy is attracted to Shae. Shae of course hasn’t noticed this yet not to mention that the fact hasn’t even crossed her mind.
Whenever Shae came to the club Brandy would take some time out to have a few free drinks with her. It was only on the time when Shae came there alone which was every other time. On the times that she did come alone she would never go home alone. Brandy never said anything of it. Here’s the part that gets interesting especially for guys, the two women thing. Oops sorry babbling. Brandy finally got up the nerve to ask Shae to an opera that was showing at T-Pac. Shae didn’t think of it as a date. She’s actually always wanted to see an opera but hadn’t. She knew that none of her other friends would be interested in that sort of thing.
“Shae I wanted to ask you something.” Brandy encountered Shae.
“Shoot.” Shae casually answered as she was gathering up receipts.
“Yes, well I won two tickets for this opera showing this Saturday night.”
“Really?!” Shae stopped what she was doing to face Brandy. “How?”
“Yeah, well there was this question of the day on 107.5. I knew the answer so I called in and got it. The prize was two free tickets to “Norma”. This is a famous Italian opera written by…..”
“Vincenzo Bellini. Yes, I’m aware of this opera.”
“Well, I was wondering if you would go with me. I don’t have anyone else I know that might be interested in going to this. I didn’t know if you would like it or be interested.”
“Yeah, I’ll go. It sounds neat.”
“Great. Now, this is the sort of opera you dress up in formal attire.”
“Like an evening gown.”
“Yes that’s right. I hope that’s okay.”
“Oh, that’s no problem.” Shae gleamed.
Shae’s company always had formal dinners. She had several evening gowns that she dosen’t get to wear that often.
.....To be continued.