Saturday, August 21, 2010

365 weight loss on my own-Day 7

I actually made waffles today. My waffle maker only makes three small waffles at a time. These are the same as having one full sized Belgin waffle. Anyway I had three. I didn't put that much syrup on them. Shoot, syrup makes me sleepy. I think it has the same crap in it that turkey does to make you sleepy. It's like a conspiracy syrup, turkey, and MSG. They all have this incredible substance that makes you sleepy. It was a good thing I shook off the sleeping powder in that crap. I was able to clean my house. Well, I started by bathing the dog and cat. See the dog smelled like regurgitated doodoo. I was tired of the cat scratching all the time so he was next. I spent the whole day wet because of it. For lunch I cooked hamburgers. I have bread that is 19 grams of carbs for two slices. I had baked fries to go with it. For dinner I had beef nachos with cheese. I measured it so that was only about 3/4 a plate full. I had water, kool-aid with Splenda, and a glass of milk. Tip 7: think about what you want to achieve and do what you can to get it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

365 weight loss on my own-Day 6

I had my usual 3/4 of a cup of Cherios. I had a left over quesedia. For dinner I had baked chicken fingers and fries. I had water to drink from work. I had kool-aid with Splenda to drink for dinner. Tip 5: Know that losing weight is hard if not impossible sometimes. Will power isn't the only thing that gets you passed weaknesses. It's good to know what your weaknesses are. These should be given some consideration but in small portions. Doing this will make the diet easier. Treats aren't bad to have every now and again. Just remember not to take it too far.

365 Weightloss on my own - Day 5

Yes, I know this one is late. I had a hard time logging on last night so I'm playing catch-up. So breakfast was 3/4 cup of Cherios. Lunch was one piece of pizza with two pieces of cheeze bread. Dinner was chicken quesadeas. I had one tortilla slices into three small pizza like pieces. Tip 5: I need to work on getting rid of my lazziness.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

365 weight loss on my own-Day 4

I spent the night at my grandma's. They didn't have Cherios. My choices were Frosted Flakes or Foot Loops. I chose Frosted Flakes. I looked on the box for my servings. I was surprised to find out it too was 3/4 of a cup. That's what I did and ate it. My husband had made spaghetti the night before. I packed it in my cooler in order to eat today for lunch. I didn't have much. It was about a cup. For dinner I bombed totally. My husband works at Papa Johns part-time. I had him order a cheese pizza and cheese bread. Anyways, I had about three pieces of pizza and 3 pieces of cheese bread. Now, calorie wise you're supposed to have 1-2 pieces. I still had quite a lot left over. What was left I put in freezer bags but one piece of pizza plus two pieces of cheese bread. This is to be my lunch for tomorrow. I did drink one coke today. At work I drank water. When I got home I drank koolaid made with Splenda. Tip 4 is pick up again tomorrow and don't let the first days bombs spoil what you want to achieve.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

365 days Weightloss on my own - Day 3

This morning the same breakfast as usual. Yeah, I know you would think I would get tired of eating Cherios. Well, it's a cereal that is good for you. It's affordable if you buy it at Sam's. Anyways, I drink water all day while at work. Since I bring my lunch everyday most of the time it makes my lunch easy. I had made a beef borrito a couple of nights ago. I froze it so I could eat it whenever I got around to it. It's not a bad calorie count. That is as long as you only eat one. This is what I brought to eat.
Now, I didn't get to get any exercise in. When I got off work I thought I was picking up Raine, my daughter. We were supposed to go to grandma's and spend the night. I had this class in Alabaster that grandma only lives about 30 minutes away from. Well, I called my husband, Paul, I come to find out that the plan had changed for him. Apparently he did want to have a daddy-daughter night with her. So, he was on his way to day care to pick her up when I already had her in the car. He passed me going down the road so I turned around and we met back at a gas station nearby. Raine went with him and I proceeded to Alabaster. At the time I left the traffic is horrible going south. I so avoid the interstate. Back roads aren't as crowded. On the way I had to stop by Hobby Lobby to get a jewlery fastener for my necklace. I found and purchased the item. I spent probably 40 minutes in traffic going down highway 31. Personally, I would think this road would be pretty congested but it wasn't so bad. As I neared Alabaster I turned onto the road where my class was going to be. I wanted to make sure that it was still taking place and what building I was supposed to be in. I wound up driving to grandma's later. By the time I got there I only had an hour in which to eat. So this gave me no real time to do anything else. My dad fixed cheese burger macaroni, corn on the cob, and toasted garlic bread. I did good on having only one corn on the cob and one piece of bread. But, I did cave on the cheese burger macaroni. The good news is I didn't have too much of a second helping. If I had to measure it I think it would have been less than 1/2 cup. Unfortunately I was unable to resist the cokes that I know are there. My class as I said was at 7 p.m. As I sat there the teacher informed me that we weren't going to get out of ther till 10:10 p.m. Boy, I knew at that moment I was not going to drive home at that unGodly hour. The good part about being out that late is I am less likely to eat and most likely ready for bed. It especially helped that the class was extremely boring. Tip 3: don't loose hope if you don't get a chance to exercise. It's okay because there's always tomorrow. Besides you really only need about 3 days of exercise that only lasts for 30 minutes. At that note I'm tired and going to bed.

Monday, August 16, 2010

365 weight loss on my own-Day 2

Morning went well. See, it's easy to measure that measly 3/4 of a cup of Cherios at home. I'm supposed to measure the milk too I bet. I don't though. I think that's unnecessary. Besides I don't put that much milk in the bowl. I drink it when I'm through. That get's my morning calories. For lunch I had cheeseburger macaroni. Now I don't buy that hamburger helper crap. I buy boxed macaroni 'n cheese and hamburger meat separate. I use Mrs. Dash original blend for my spices. For a pound of hamburger it takes two boxes to make the meal. If portioned right in tuperware you will have about three days worth of left overs. Of course this is after you ate a portion for yourself and one child. For me after I've done this I freeze the rest of what's left. So, this cheeseburger macaroni was made at my grandma's house. There wasn't quite a pound of hamburger and only one box of macaroni 'n cheese. I would have to say that the portion size was about 1 3/4 of a cup. I didn't eat all of that. I may have ate about half of that. I drink water at work. Although I did have a Mountain Dew. I couldn't help it I was so sleepy I could barely keep my eyes open. Now came the time where I have a problem. I have a tendency to eat more than I should. I think I could have done better. My husband cooked spaghetti. I was good not to fill my bowl too full like I normally do. I didn't measure it. So, tip 2 would be measure your food before putting it in a bowl. Another thing is not to have two pieces of cheese bread. Unfortunately the bread is awesome so it makes it hard not to eat more than one slice. I'm going to attempt to go to bed early. Hopefully this will prevent eating the apple and peanut butter I have before I go to bed. This will be interesting considering I have insomnia. I'm still going to try though. I have a class I need to go to at 7:00 pm. I think I'm going to do some walking to pass the time away while I wait. Hopefully I don't forget to take my tennis shoes. Don't forget to give me pointers.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

365 weight loss on my own-Day 1

Okay Day 1 tip 1 expect to go off of your diet when you eat at your family's house. That's right diets aren't worth @#$% eating with family. You know I'm right. It's like no matter how hard you try it seems like there is more fattening food at family functions than not. I swear there seems to be more desserts than in a bakery. This is especially true during the holidays. I don't know about anyone else but at mine there's at least 4 or more. Of course for tonight there was only apple pie. Thankfully I'm not keen on cinnamon. But, there was ice cream. I doubt I'm the only one that didn't cave at that point. So, I have to confess I did have seconds of the lunch portion. This is always hard not to do.
This morning wasn't bad. I had my usual 3/4 of a cup of Honey Nut Cherios. Honestly, I don't understand that crap. What the heck is up with that? All the other cereals are 1 full cup. I don't see how Cherios can be different from freaken Frootloops. That was good. Then bombed totally at my grandma's house. However, there is a pool there and I did get a swim in. I got to work off some of those calories. I got home late which could be looked as a good thing. I was too lazy to fix anything so I had a bowl of cereal. This time I had a cup of Cherios. I mean come on. What is the big deal in just a bit more than 3/4.
All in all it wasn't bad but it could have been better. Maybe tomorrow will work out. Obviously it will be much easier considering I have to work so I'm not home to eat all day. Another good thing is taking my own lunch to school. Yeap this is a good way of doing portion control. I just hope later that night will be okay. Maybe if I just measure both meals. Hey, that's an idea. It'll kinda be like Weight Watchers but without paying money to be on that diet. Hey there's always tomorrow to do better. Hey maybe those of you who need to lose a few pounds could go on it with me. You can give me pointers or tell me what I'm doing wrong. If not I need encouragement. Onward and upward to another day is how I'm going to look at any failures of today.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

365 weight loss on my own

You know what I don't know why I'm about to do this. It's not like anyone will ever read it. But it is true that I eat entirely too much. As you can see by the picture it wouldn't hurt for me to lose several pounds. Anyways, I was thinking I can't do it on my own. I was watching Julie/Julia movie and was inspired. I say that because this chick Julie in this movie decides to do a 365 vow to cook everything in a Julia Childs cookbook. If you don't know who that is you need help. Seriously, she was only the most famous woman cook on TV. In fact she is the one that Robin Williams cooked to on the Movie Mrs. Doubtfire.
This isn't about the movie. This is about me. This is about my health. It is also about being able to be there for my daughter before I die of a heart attach. Actually, I'm closer to diabetes than that. Of course this doesn't excite me in any way. I don't want it any more than a heart attach. Crap all the meds I would have to tack as if I didn't take enough as it is. So to save me from all that extra trouble I've made a final and ultimate decision.
See, I thought that buying me a bikini would help. In fact I hung it on my dresser mirror for inspiration. Ummmmm, that so didn't work. Not kidding. None of my eating habits ceased. Hopefully this blog will work better. If people read this it would be absolutely awesome. I would think with moral support or other people in my shoes would be great company.
Okay, so shortening this I'm making tomorrow day 1. I've got half of it. I barely drink coke anymore. In fact I don't buy 24 packs anymore. Also, I use Splenda in my Kool-aid. I have those sugar free packets to make Kool-aid. I drink water at work and every time I go out to eat. The good thing about going out to eat is I can't afford it. This means I don't have to put on those extra pounds. This means I make extra food for my work lunches. The great thing about this is I can portion size. See, the new food containers have cup portions to measure out the food. My biggest weakness is at night. This is where I eat the most. Maybe I can try to make this different too. Well here it goes. Wish me luck!!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

What's the point?

I think I'm going to give up on the fictional story. I don't think anyone is reading it anyway. I have a feeling that no one reads this blog at all. I have to ask what is the point in a blog if no one reads it?
What is the point in Twitter? Why in the heck are there people that follow other people? I have people following me and I have no idea who they are. I guess it's to see how many people will follow you. I don't get the facination really. You can't really post anything long. There's only a few words you can say in that box. A lot of the times it's frustrating because I want to say more than that.
I get the Facebook thing. It's easier to have friends, get your point out there, people read your point, and stuff. I've constantly put my blog there many times. I still don't think anyone reads my blog then either.
I guess I can't blame people for not reading blogs. It takes time to do this. I'm busy and don't concern myself with mundane things either. I don't know what I could report on a blog that would be of any interest to people. I'm not fashionable. I have no knowledge in that area. I'm not a lawyer but I am studing to be a paralegal. However, I can't give any legal advice. I'm also not sure if the law is that interesting to others. I'm not a medical expert. My mother is a nurse so that is where I learned what I know. Although, I do work at Children's Hospital. Unfortunately any information in that regards is confidential. It kind of sucks because I have interesting stuff happen to me a lot.
Oh, well, I guess I'll just have to wing it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fiction story - Free Tickets Part 1 cont.

Shae was glad that Saturday was finally here. This meant she didn’t have to be up early and go to work. She had the whole day to do whatever she wished. She didn’t have to worry about breakfast that morning. Katie was already in the kitchen making eggs, buscuits, and had put out a bowl of fresh strawberries. Shae was still upstairs as she smelled the aroma. Still in her pjs she walked into Rose’s room. Shae hated to wake her mother.
“Sorry to wake you mom but I need to check your blood pressure and give you your meds.” Shae said sweetly.
“Mmmm, okay.” Rose wearily sat up in her bed.
Shae bought an automatic blood pressure wristband cuff that was kept by Rose’s bed. Shae put it around Rose’s wrist and pushed the button. While waiting for it to do its thing Shae went for Rose’s medicine in the drawer of the nightstand. The medicine was neatly placed inside a medicine dispenser. Shae took it out of the drawer and placed it on the night stand’s surface. At the same time she grabbed a medicine cup to put all the pills in. The blood pressure cuff was finished. She read the number and logged it in a book she also kept in the night stand drawer.
“It’s better this morning than it was last night.” Shae smiled. “I’m going to get you some water. I’ll be right back.” She did so and wasn’t gone but a few minutes. She placed the small cup of water on the surface of the night stand. Took the medicine dispenser and put Saturday morning’s pills into the medicine cup. “Here.” She handed Rose both items.
Rose took the medicine then drank them down. “What time is it?”
Shae looked at the clock on the night stand. “9 am. I think Katie is cooking breakfast. Are you going to come down or do you want breakfast in bed this morning?”
“I’ll come down thanks.”
Shae went to the closet to get Rose’s robe hanging on the inside of the door. “Here. Do you want me to wait for you?”
“Thanks and no. I can make it. I have much more energy today.” Rose smiled.
Shae smiled back and made her way down the stairs. Katie was taking the bisquits out of the oven as Shae walked into the kitchen.
“What can I do to help?” Shae offered.
“You can set the table.” Katie answered as she began buttering the bisquits.
“Sure.” Shae did as she was asked.
The table was all set when Rose made it okay to the kitchen. They all sat around the table.
“I was thinking of going to the movies tonight. Do either of you want to join me?” Katie asked.
“Not me. I’m going to the opera tonight with Brandy.” Shae stated.
“Opera? Why on earth would you want to do that?”
“What’s wrong with going to an opera?”
“I would think it would be difficult to understand it considering it’s in Italian.”
“Not all operas are in Italian.”
“So this one is in English?”
“No. But it doesn’t matter. The actors tell the story by their movements, gestures, and such.”
“I don’t know. I would be a bit frustrated not understanding what the heck they were singing.”
“Be that as it may I still intend to go. I’ve always wanted to see one; now I get to.”
“Operas are beautiful and marvelous.” Rose stated out of the blue.
“When did you see an opera?” Shae wondered how she didn’t know this about her mother.
“Oh, long, long ago before you and your father. The year before I went to college I went to Italy.”
“You’re kidding.”
“No. I know I never told you but it’s true. Even your father didn’t know.”
“Wow, you’re gonna have to spill the beans on this story.” Katie found this fact fascinating.
“There’s not that much to tell.” Rose lied.
“Like the heck there ain’t.” Katie argued. “There’s no way you could spend a whole year there and nothing happen.” She paused. “There had to be a guy….something.”
“Well, like you two I had a group of friends I hung out with. There was myself, Hiedi who is from Sweden, Dan who is from England, Franchesca who is from Rome, Bart who is from Venice, Donald who is from New York, and Vencent who is from Sicily. We all lived together in Franchesca’s big cottage that was located about 30 miles from Rome. It is a sheep farm so there was a lot of land.”
“Did you herd sheep?” Shae wondered.
“No. There were two other men who did that.” Rose answered.
“Did they live there too?”
“Not in the house with us but in an adjacent house to the right. The two houses were separated by a fence.”
“How come I never knew about this?”
“I don’t know. I guess it just got lost somewhere and was never talked about.”
“Why? Did something bad happen there or something?”
“No. At least I don’t think it did.”
So what does this have to do with anything? Well, it will be explained later.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fiction story - Free Tickets Part 1 cont.

Part 1 Continued.

Mac Abernathy is 5.10, medium build, blonde hair, and hazel eyes.

Okay so now that the introductions and crap are out of the way the story can commence. So, since Katie is an assistant manager at a movie theatre all the others get free tickets to any and every movie there is. Shae didn’t go much. She was too busy to see movies as much as the others. In fact she tired of going to the movies after the first month. It seemed mundane. Besides, it felt like she’d seen everything and only one new movie a week would open. She felt that going once a month or when there was something worthwhile to see was best. Shae spent most of her time at this night club not too far from the office. The best thing about this is she got in free. How? Well, she was their bookkeeper. When the night club, Starlight Moon, hired the firm she worked for she was the one that oversaw their finances. The manager and owner of the club is Brandy Moon. She would collect all the tax information and give them to Shae. Brandy is bisexual who currently does not have a boyfriend or girlfriend at this time. Shae thought nothing of it seeing as how she had never been with a woman before. Brandy’s dad married one of those mail order brides from Japan. Her parents haven’t been married since Brandy moved away from home. She’s 30, majored in business, and was married for one year. She has coal black hair, dark eyes, is 5.6, and slender.
Brandy has the biggest club in the city. It can house up to 3,500 people. It seems that she bought up what used to be Planet Hollywood on Broad Street. Occasionally she will book bands like Bonjovi, Black Eyed Peas, and many other big bands. She would also book many country music stars and whatever else she can get to come to play at the club. Many times Shae would get free tickets to whatever event she wanted to attend with her friends. There were times she would get tickets for her friends where she wouldn’t attend. It’s not hard to tell that Brandy is attracted to Shae. Shae of course hasn’t noticed this yet not to mention that the fact hasn’t even crossed her mind.
Whenever Shae came to the club Brandy would take some time out to have a few free drinks with her. It was only on the time when Shae came there alone which was every other time. On the times that she did come alone she would never go home alone. Brandy never said anything of it. Here’s the part that gets interesting especially for guys, the two women thing. Oops sorry babbling. Brandy finally got up the nerve to ask Shae to an opera that was showing at T-Pac. Shae didn’t think of it as a date. She’s actually always wanted to see an opera but hadn’t. She knew that none of her other friends would be interested in that sort of thing.
“Shae I wanted to ask you something.” Brandy encountered Shae.
“Shoot.” Shae casually answered as she was gathering up receipts.
“Yes, well I won two tickets for this opera showing this Saturday night.”
“Really?!” Shae stopped what she was doing to face Brandy. “How?”
“Yeah, well there was this question of the day on 107.5. I knew the answer so I called in and got it. The prize was two free tickets to “Norma”. This is a famous Italian opera written by…..”
“Vincenzo Bellini. Yes, I’m aware of this opera.”
“Well, I was wondering if you would go with me. I don’t have anyone else I know that might be interested in going to this. I didn’t know if you would like it or be interested.”
“Yeah, I’ll go. It sounds neat.”
“Great. Now, this is the sort of opera you dress up in formal attire.”
“Like an evening gown.”
“Yes that’s right. I hope that’s okay.”
“Oh, that’s no problem.” Shae gleamed.
Shae’s company always had formal dinners. She had several evening gowns that she dosen’t get to wear that often.
.....To be continued.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Part 1 Fiction story - Free tickets

It's not too often a story is told about somebody average. How sad is that? There's always the story about the rich chick, some pretty skinny blonde chick, or something of the sort. Even sadder still is the typical she finds a guy, she likes the guy, the guy likes her, and so on. Boy those stories are so boring it's not even funny. They always end the same way. It's kind of sickening and too predictable. It would be nice to have a story that wasn't that way. Well, here it goes.
She wasn't anyone special really just an ordinary girl from an ordinary town, Franklin, TN. It wasn't a small town but not a big metropolitan city either. It's just ordinary. Her name is Shae Abernathy. She's 25. She's single. She has brunet hair, hazel eyes, and is medium built. Actually, she's a bit on the chubby side. She hates her weight, but who doesn't? She walks and exercises with her Wii fit. She does the yoga, strength training, and the boxing.
She lived in a four bedroom house with her mother, Rose. Rose is a short stout woman. She has coal black hair and dark brown eyes. Rose's husband disappeared two years ago. No one has been able to find him. He was on his way home when he went missing. The only thing the police found was his car. There are no leads on where this man could be.
Shae did live alone in a one bedroom apartment for a while. That was until Rose was diagnosed with breast cancer. Shae finished out her lease in her apartment and then moved back home. She hated doing that because she loved her single life. She was going to miss that.
See, she used to live in a big city, Chicago, IL. How did she get from Tennessee to Illinois? Well, like everyone else who moves to a big city. She got a job working for a big accounting firm, . This of course makes her a CPA.
While living in the big city she used go out every weekend with her girlfriends. A lot of the times she would go home with different guys she would meet there. Yes, she had protected sex. That was one thing she insisted on. If the guy didn't have a rubber or she was out then the guy went home. It was as simple as that. She also took birth control pills. She definitely wanted to make sure she didn't get pregnant by some idiot.
Back to the main part of the story. The firm she worked for in Chicago had a location in Nashville. This was great. Now she could move back in with Rose to take care of her. There were a few clubs so she could still go out. She still kept in touch with four of her high school friends. Three were girls; Gina, Katie, and Tara. The one guy is Tye. Tara is the youngest of them just turning 21. She is a tall slender black girl. She is single. She had a baby boy a year ago. He died two weeks after he was born. The doctors think SIDS but nobody really knows for sure. She's still in college and is studying to be a social worker. Katie is 24. She is an assistant manager of a movie theatre. She has dark brown hair and eyes. She is average height and weight. Both of her parents are from Cancun, Mexico. Her mom came to Tennessee on a school and work visa. Her dad didn't have any credentials. Katie was born in Nashville, TN so this made her American. When Katie was 19 her parents got deported back to Mexico. Rose always thought of Katie as a daughter. So, naturally Katie came to live with Rose. This meant that three people were living in Rose's house. There was Rose, Katie, and now Shae. Gina is the oldest being 28. She's a science college teacher. She is overweight but no overly obese. She isn't very tall being 5.4. She has red hair and green eyes. She was married but just got divorced a couple of weeks ago. Her husband was a bastard, a dirty rotten scoundrel who is now in prison for fraud and embezzlement. (That is a long story that will be explained later) She has two kids; Jonah and Eve. Tye is European. He's tanned because his father is half Italian. He's 5.9 and has royal blue eyes. His eyes are easy to get lost in. He's 26, single, and works for a bank in the finance department. He thinks he has a son out there somewhere. Unfortunately there's no proof of this and the boy along with the mother has disappeared. Finally there is Shae's brother, Mac. He's 22 and has had as many jobs as girlfriends lately. He and Tara lived together till the baby died. The baby's death affected their relationship greatly. After their son's death Tara moved back in with her parents. Mac moved in with Tye. Tara and Mac are still friends. Everyone thinks that they are still friends with benefits but stay out of their business.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Jealousy issues

I think it is so sad when people get jealous over the stupidest things. Take affairs for instance; this is what I have to say. If your husband or wife is going to have an affair there is nothing you could do about it. You can't prevent it so stop stressing over it. Not to mention that stressing about it doesn't get anyone anywhere. Nagging about it isn't going to change the situation either. Seriously why in the world is it necessary to treat someone like they are dirt? It's not right to think that everyone is out to get your spouse. I mean that has to be the stupidest thing ever!!!! I don't think that just because someone works with all men or all women means something’s going to happen. If someone really wanted your spouse they would have done it already. If nothing like that has happened it doesn't mean that it will. Of course it may not mean that it won't. I think being that jealous is down right ridiculous and petty. Someone that is like that sure has really low self-esteem. Here are a few facts and tips for you.
Fact # 1: A marriage is built on trust. Without it there is no marriage. I know I could not stay in a marriage with someone who didn't trust me. I also couldn't stay in a marriage where I didn't trust my husband either.
Fact # 2: Communication is the key in all marriages. If you can't talk to your spouse without criticism your spouse should leave you. I would!!!!
Fact # 3: Always tell your spouse that you love them everyday. Kiss them before they leave the house everyday. Hug them at least once everyday. Why? Life is short and you don't know what could happen.
Fact # 4: Plan a date night. This doesn't mean you have to go anywhere. Although sometimes, going out is not a bad idea. Take one night, spend it together just with each other, and no one else.
Fact # 5: Have sex more than once a month. This helps your love life. It should not be a chore. I should be something you look forward to. Guess what? It also relieves stress and burns 60 calories. I'm not kidding about the calories.
Fact # 6: If your spouse is spending a lot of time with some one of the opposite sex they probably are having an affair. Now this has to be outside of work or group activities. The two need to be alone together a lot. If you’re a girl who has guy friends you should never spend more time with them than your spouse or boyfriend. This also goes for guys too. It sends a wrong message to the party you are spending a lot of time with. Not to mention it's just wrong especially if you’re married. If you’re going to spend time with a friend of the opposite sex keep it to a minimum. If you’re married it's not a good idea to do it at all. Find group activities to do with this person instead. That's better in a married relationship. It prevents things from going to far even if you don't mean for them to.
Fact # 7: Respect one another. Okay if I have to explain this one then you need some serious help. Duh, don't talk to your spouse like a dog, don't accuse them of doing everything wrong, and the list can go on. Your spouse is a human being. Be considerate.
Fact # 8: Being obsessive will drive your spouse away. I don't think I would stay in a marriage where someone called, texted, or e-mailed me constantly about being with someone else. I know I can't handle someone who couldn't make up their mind what they wanted from me. I definitely cannot handle someone accusing me the same thing everyday. I would go completely and utterly insane.
Fiction # 1: Friendship is not anything more than what Webster's dictionary says it is. Saying that a friendship consists of intimacy and sex is hogwash. That is not a friendship. Yeah, I know about the friends with benefits thing but that in itself is more than a friendship too. Hate to break it to the people who have the friends with benefits but its true. Sorry friends with benefits but your in a relationship. It may not be a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship however it's still more than just friends. Once you’re sexually intimate with each other you have created a relationship beyond friendship no matter what the understanding is.
Fiction # 2: If your husband is shy and quiet doesn't mean he's up to no good. This is true even if your husband prefers to be by himself a lot. For my husband I know that this is especially true. He had a horrible step-father who made it a mission to close my husband off to anyone and everyone. For him I know it's a life he has a hard time forgetting. Shoot, I encourage my husband to go out with his friends. There have been several times I had to talk him into it because he couldn't make up his mind. I just finally told him "You go and have a good time." I like him better now that he has buddies to hand out with. He seems happier. I say that because he's less grumpy.
Fiction # 3: Just because your spouse likes freaky stuff in the bedroom doesn't make them sick, twisted, or mean that they are having an affair. Some people like to do different things within their sex life. Some like to be spanked. There are those that like to be domineering. Either way you like it, it's good to have variety. It spices up the bedroom. Having sex the same way every time gets old after a while.
Fiction # 4: Therapy doesn't help. Yes it does. If you don't have insurance to pay for it, read Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus. I've read this book and it gives great and true things about the opposite sex. There are many other books about love and marriage out there. I challenge a spouse to take the love dare. If you don't know what that is watch the movie "Fireproof". It's a good movie. If you want a marriage to last you have to do something to keep it flowing smoothly.
Fiction # 5: Having faith is crap. That is complete bologna!!!! It doesn't necessarily need to be God. Just having some kind of spiritual something to share together is important. Here you will have something in common and you spend quality time together. My husband and I are Christians. I know that this has strengthened our marriage greatly. So, whatever you believe in share it together. That is the most important part.
Fiction # 6: Having children ruins the sex life. You know what? You do that all by yourself. It has nothing to do with having kids. You make the choice to have sex with your spouse or not. Think about it. You two have your own room separate from the kids. You can lock your door. You can have sex when they're in their beds asleep. There aren't very many excuses here. Even better still is when the kids are at grandma's or wherever. Heck, this is the best time to have all the sex you can. If you find excuses not to have sex with your spouse all the time there's a problem. Always, always, always make time for sex and intimacy. It is vital in all serious relationships.
Okay so I could probably say more but my co-worker says I shouldn't make this a novel. I guess I'll stop here. Besides I can't think of anything else anyway.
I want to add one last thing. Just love your spouse. Say it and show it as often as possible. There is nothing more important than that. If you can't do that then you don't need to be married at all.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Entertainment Values

Okay so I was told that I'm quite entertaining. In fact a co-worker of mine said I am good for a life at least once if not three times a day. I don't know about that. I don't think of me as a funny person. I do think I'm indecisive. I get that from my mother. I know I'm wishy washy a lot (get that from mom too). I have a hard time letting stuff go. Like today for instance, no kidding. There was this crossword puzzle my coworker and I were working on. There were three sections that plagued me. I didn't want to give up till I found out what the heck it was. Finally after about several hours of mulling over it I searched the Internet for the answer. Walla, I found it. Now I have to admit I do cheat a lot on the crossword puzzles. I try not to but can't help it when there's something I can look up the answer to.
So, there's another thing about me. What? Well, getting off track about what I was talking about originally. I do that all the time. This drives my husband insane. I guess I don't blame him really. I ramble a lot too. Like right now for instance. Seriously there is absolutely no reason for writing any of this.
So, I guess I should tell the story about how I entertained my co-worker that said I was a riot all the time. Well, apparently he thought it was funny that I circled the parking lot twice. It wasn't my intension to look insane. I was just looking to see if any parking spaces were available facing the street is all. He didn't say what else made him laugh about whatever it is I do that's entertaining.
I know for my co-worker who I sit next to it's the conversations I have with my mother. Shoot, I swear. It's like she calls and says one thing. Two or more hours later it winds up being a whole different something else of the same subject she was talking about before. A lot of the times this is quite frustrating. Don't get me wrong. I love my mother very much. I do. She doesn't think I do. But, I really do. It would be nice if she called for once and made some kind of sense out of a plan she concocted. My husband calls them hair-brained ideas. I want to point out that he loves her too.
There are also incidences where I'm in what my co-workers call a zone. What do I mean by that? Well, say I'm typing something. I've been accused of not paying any attention to what someone is saying. For the most part this might be true. Sometimes I do try to pay attention to what's going on around me. Sometimes when I'm in my zone it’s kind of nice. This is because I don't have to listen to some of the background stuff going on around me. I can't elaborate because I don't think I can talk about that.
There are some funny things that happen around me. I can't talk about them either although I wish I could. These things don't involve personal stuff. That's all I can say.
Personally I think my daughter is much more entertaining than I am. She's four. Boy at this age they say the most interesting things. When she says big sentences I can't help but laugh because it is so cute. There was this one time in the car she was asking me about animals that lay eggs. She named a bunch of animals that lay eggs that were right. Then, she said that cows lay eggs. I had to correct her on that one. The cutest thing she says is "I don't want to. I'm tired of it." She doesn't say it a lot but to me it's funny. I especially like it when she says something goofy she'll laugh at herself then correct herself.
Now I do make it my mission to make my husband laugh everyday. This is because he seems so unhappy sometimes. I'll make a goofy face or say something that doesn't make any sense. What? Well, there's just too many to list. Some of them I shouldn't say because they are not rated G.
I guess I can say what's funny is I've made up my own cuss words. Fudge bucket and sugar beans are two of the ones I use most often. I have wacky sayings sometimes. I say "Burns my cookies and bakes my marshmallows." I say that when I'm about to talk about something that made me mad. There's one I say all the time now. "I swear on everyone's business." This one I use when I'm frustrated about a conversation me and my mother just had. Sometimes if I'm real frustrated I say, "I swear on everyone's business that is alive and living." Yeah, I don't know where I got any of those. I just say them for some reason.
I don't know maybe I am entertaining. I guess I can be giving what's going on at the time. It's hard to poke fun at something if it's not a funny matter to start with. Oh, well, maybe this wasn't boring. I hope it was entertaining.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bored, bored, totally bored and lazy!

I hate boring moments. I have shows that I watch but even they have gotten boring. Sometimes I feel like my whole life is boring. Then sometimes strange crap comes up. Usually it is some sort of family crap or drama. I keep meaning to do something with my house. It looks like crap. I mean it seriously. It looks like complete and utter crap. I keep swearing that I'm going to get a garbage bag and throw everything in it. I'm completely lazy. No kidding. See, I'm so lazy that it took me about a week and half to get my Christmas crap up. Then it took me two weeks after Christmas to finally be able to take it all down. It takes me ages to finally clean the whole house. I don't know what's wrong with me. You would think I would get tired of all the mess. I still do nothing about it. You would think that all the boredom that I suffer from would kick cleaning into high gear. Yeah right, nope. It's sad. All my Christmas crap is in its boxes but hasn't found its way to the basement yet. I'm so not going to do that by myself. It wasn't fun bringing all that crap up to the house by myself. Some of it is extremely heavy. Know what's sad. Even this post is stupid and boring. Shoot if I were just some ordinary person I wouldn't read it. I'm just incredibly bored.