Tuesday, August 17, 2010

365 days Weightloss on my own - Day 3

This morning the same breakfast as usual. Yeah, I know you would think I would get tired of eating Cherios. Well, it's a cereal that is good for you. It's affordable if you buy it at Sam's. Anyways, I drink water all day while at work. Since I bring my lunch everyday most of the time it makes my lunch easy. I had made a beef borrito a couple of nights ago. I froze it so I could eat it whenever I got around to it. It's not a bad calorie count. That is as long as you only eat one. This is what I brought to eat.
Now, I didn't get to get any exercise in. When I got off work I thought I was picking up Raine, my daughter. We were supposed to go to grandma's and spend the night. I had this class in Alabaster that grandma only lives about 30 minutes away from. Well, I called my husband, Paul, I come to find out that the plan had changed for him. Apparently he did want to have a daddy-daughter night with her. So, he was on his way to day care to pick her up when I already had her in the car. He passed me going down the road so I turned around and we met back at a gas station nearby. Raine went with him and I proceeded to Alabaster. At the time I left the traffic is horrible going south. I so avoid the interstate. Back roads aren't as crowded. On the way I had to stop by Hobby Lobby to get a jewlery fastener for my necklace. I found and purchased the item. I spent probably 40 minutes in traffic going down highway 31. Personally, I would think this road would be pretty congested but it wasn't so bad. As I neared Alabaster I turned onto the road where my class was going to be. I wanted to make sure that it was still taking place and what building I was supposed to be in. I wound up driving to grandma's later. By the time I got there I only had an hour in which to eat. So this gave me no real time to do anything else. My dad fixed cheese burger macaroni, corn on the cob, and toasted garlic bread. I did good on having only one corn on the cob and one piece of bread. But, I did cave on the cheese burger macaroni. The good news is I didn't have too much of a second helping. If I had to measure it I think it would have been less than 1/2 cup. Unfortunately I was unable to resist the cokes that I know are there. My class as I said was at 7 p.m. As I sat there the teacher informed me that we weren't going to get out of ther till 10:10 p.m. Boy, I knew at that moment I was not going to drive home at that unGodly hour. The good part about being out that late is I am less likely to eat and most likely ready for bed. It especially helped that the class was extremely boring. Tip 3: don't loose hope if you don't get a chance to exercise. It's okay because there's always tomorrow. Besides you really only need about 3 days of exercise that only lasts for 30 minutes. At that note I'm tired and going to bed.

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