Saturday, August 21, 2010

365 weight loss on my own-Day 7

I actually made waffles today. My waffle maker only makes three small waffles at a time. These are the same as having one full sized Belgin waffle. Anyway I had three. I didn't put that much syrup on them. Shoot, syrup makes me sleepy. I think it has the same crap in it that turkey does to make you sleepy. It's like a conspiracy syrup, turkey, and MSG. They all have this incredible substance that makes you sleepy. It was a good thing I shook off the sleeping powder in that crap. I was able to clean my house. Well, I started by bathing the dog and cat. See the dog smelled like regurgitated doodoo. I was tired of the cat scratching all the time so he was next. I spent the whole day wet because of it. For lunch I cooked hamburgers. I have bread that is 19 grams of carbs for two slices. I had baked fries to go with it. For dinner I had beef nachos with cheese. I measured it so that was only about 3/4 a plate full. I had water, kool-aid with Splenda, and a glass of milk. Tip 7: think about what you want to achieve and do what you can to get it.

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