Thursday, January 14, 2010

Entertainment Values

Okay so I was told that I'm quite entertaining. In fact a co-worker of mine said I am good for a life at least once if not three times a day. I don't know about that. I don't think of me as a funny person. I do think I'm indecisive. I get that from my mother. I know I'm wishy washy a lot (get that from mom too). I have a hard time letting stuff go. Like today for instance, no kidding. There was this crossword puzzle my coworker and I were working on. There were three sections that plagued me. I didn't want to give up till I found out what the heck it was. Finally after about several hours of mulling over it I searched the Internet for the answer. Walla, I found it. Now I have to admit I do cheat a lot on the crossword puzzles. I try not to but can't help it when there's something I can look up the answer to.
So, there's another thing about me. What? Well, getting off track about what I was talking about originally. I do that all the time. This drives my husband insane. I guess I don't blame him really. I ramble a lot too. Like right now for instance. Seriously there is absolutely no reason for writing any of this.
So, I guess I should tell the story about how I entertained my co-worker that said I was a riot all the time. Well, apparently he thought it was funny that I circled the parking lot twice. It wasn't my intension to look insane. I was just looking to see if any parking spaces were available facing the street is all. He didn't say what else made him laugh about whatever it is I do that's entertaining.
I know for my co-worker who I sit next to it's the conversations I have with my mother. Shoot, I swear. It's like she calls and says one thing. Two or more hours later it winds up being a whole different something else of the same subject she was talking about before. A lot of the times this is quite frustrating. Don't get me wrong. I love my mother very much. I do. She doesn't think I do. But, I really do. It would be nice if she called for once and made some kind of sense out of a plan she concocted. My husband calls them hair-brained ideas. I want to point out that he loves her too.
There are also incidences where I'm in what my co-workers call a zone. What do I mean by that? Well, say I'm typing something. I've been accused of not paying any attention to what someone is saying. For the most part this might be true. Sometimes I do try to pay attention to what's going on around me. Sometimes when I'm in my zone it’s kind of nice. This is because I don't have to listen to some of the background stuff going on around me. I can't elaborate because I don't think I can talk about that.
There are some funny things that happen around me. I can't talk about them either although I wish I could. These things don't involve personal stuff. That's all I can say.
Personally I think my daughter is much more entertaining than I am. She's four. Boy at this age they say the most interesting things. When she says big sentences I can't help but laugh because it is so cute. There was this one time in the car she was asking me about animals that lay eggs. She named a bunch of animals that lay eggs that were right. Then, she said that cows lay eggs. I had to correct her on that one. The cutest thing she says is "I don't want to. I'm tired of it." She doesn't say it a lot but to me it's funny. I especially like it when she says something goofy she'll laugh at herself then correct herself.
Now I do make it my mission to make my husband laugh everyday. This is because he seems so unhappy sometimes. I'll make a goofy face or say something that doesn't make any sense. What? Well, there's just too many to list. Some of them I shouldn't say because they are not rated G.
I guess I can say what's funny is I've made up my own cuss words. Fudge bucket and sugar beans are two of the ones I use most often. I have wacky sayings sometimes. I say "Burns my cookies and bakes my marshmallows." I say that when I'm about to talk about something that made me mad. There's one I say all the time now. "I swear on everyone's business." This one I use when I'm frustrated about a conversation me and my mother just had. Sometimes if I'm real frustrated I say, "I swear on everyone's business that is alive and living." Yeah, I don't know where I got any of those. I just say them for some reason.
I don't know maybe I am entertaining. I guess I can be giving what's going on at the time. It's hard to poke fun at something if it's not a funny matter to start with. Oh, well, maybe this wasn't boring. I hope it was entertaining.

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