Friday, January 22, 2010

Part 1 Fiction story - Free tickets

It's not too often a story is told about somebody average. How sad is that? There's always the story about the rich chick, some pretty skinny blonde chick, or something of the sort. Even sadder still is the typical she finds a guy, she likes the guy, the guy likes her, and so on. Boy those stories are so boring it's not even funny. They always end the same way. It's kind of sickening and too predictable. It would be nice to have a story that wasn't that way. Well, here it goes.
She wasn't anyone special really just an ordinary girl from an ordinary town, Franklin, TN. It wasn't a small town but not a big metropolitan city either. It's just ordinary. Her name is Shae Abernathy. She's 25. She's single. She has brunet hair, hazel eyes, and is medium built. Actually, she's a bit on the chubby side. She hates her weight, but who doesn't? She walks and exercises with her Wii fit. She does the yoga, strength training, and the boxing.
She lived in a four bedroom house with her mother, Rose. Rose is a short stout woman. She has coal black hair and dark brown eyes. Rose's husband disappeared two years ago. No one has been able to find him. He was on his way home when he went missing. The only thing the police found was his car. There are no leads on where this man could be.
Shae did live alone in a one bedroom apartment for a while. That was until Rose was diagnosed with breast cancer. Shae finished out her lease in her apartment and then moved back home. She hated doing that because she loved her single life. She was going to miss that.
See, she used to live in a big city, Chicago, IL. How did she get from Tennessee to Illinois? Well, like everyone else who moves to a big city. She got a job working for a big accounting firm, . This of course makes her a CPA.
While living in the big city she used go out every weekend with her girlfriends. A lot of the times she would go home with different guys she would meet there. Yes, she had protected sex. That was one thing she insisted on. If the guy didn't have a rubber or she was out then the guy went home. It was as simple as that. She also took birth control pills. She definitely wanted to make sure she didn't get pregnant by some idiot.
Back to the main part of the story. The firm she worked for in Chicago had a location in Nashville. This was great. Now she could move back in with Rose to take care of her. There were a few clubs so she could still go out. She still kept in touch with four of her high school friends. Three were girls; Gina, Katie, and Tara. The one guy is Tye. Tara is the youngest of them just turning 21. She is a tall slender black girl. She is single. She had a baby boy a year ago. He died two weeks after he was born. The doctors think SIDS but nobody really knows for sure. She's still in college and is studying to be a social worker. Katie is 24. She is an assistant manager of a movie theatre. She has dark brown hair and eyes. She is average height and weight. Both of her parents are from Cancun, Mexico. Her mom came to Tennessee on a school and work visa. Her dad didn't have any credentials. Katie was born in Nashville, TN so this made her American. When Katie was 19 her parents got deported back to Mexico. Rose always thought of Katie as a daughter. So, naturally Katie came to live with Rose. This meant that three people were living in Rose's house. There was Rose, Katie, and now Shae. Gina is the oldest being 28. She's a science college teacher. She is overweight but no overly obese. She isn't very tall being 5.4. She has red hair and green eyes. She was married but just got divorced a couple of weeks ago. Her husband was a bastard, a dirty rotten scoundrel who is now in prison for fraud and embezzlement. (That is a long story that will be explained later) She has two kids; Jonah and Eve. Tye is European. He's tanned because his father is half Italian. He's 5.9 and has royal blue eyes. His eyes are easy to get lost in. He's 26, single, and works for a bank in the finance department. He thinks he has a son out there somewhere. Unfortunately there's no proof of this and the boy along with the mother has disappeared. Finally there is Shae's brother, Mac. He's 22 and has had as many jobs as girlfriends lately. He and Tara lived together till the baby died. The baby's death affected their relationship greatly. After their son's death Tara moved back in with her parents. Mac moved in with Tye. Tara and Mac are still friends. Everyone thinks that they are still friends with benefits but stay out of their business.

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